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This Genealogy Collection has been compiled by Steven E. Houchin and Leanne E. (Houchin) Bough. It is an effort spanning 35 years, and contains extensive portions of our personal genealogy database, family photos, links to other useful sites, and a list of books which contain information about some of our ancestors.


Genealogy Collection (Updated 13 April 2017)

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Research Surnames and Locations

Our research includes the following surnames:

  • Bahr/Behr (MO WA), Barb (VA), Box (VA)
  • Castle (MD OH MO WV), Clements (VA), Cosby (VA)
  • Demarest (NY MI), Dellinger (VA), Dunbar (NY IN CA)
  • Ferrell (VA OH), Foltz [Voltz] (VA), Fox (ONTARIO B.C.)
  • Gray (OH PA), Gollehon (VA WA OR), Gourlie (ONTARIO CO WA)
  • Hadley (OH), Hollister (NY MI IN CA), Houchin(s) (VA OH WA)
  • Kessler (MO)
  • McIntravich (ONTARIO)
  • Neff (VA)
  • Richter (Germany), Rogers (NY OH)
  • Sager (VA OH MO), Sommers (PA OH WA)
  • Wassum (VA WA), Weipert (GERMANY MO WA), Wiedmaier/Weidmaier (GERMANY MO)

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Author: Steven E. Houchin
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